James Madison High School’s
Robotics Team in Vienna, VA

Madison Robotics is a competitive robotics team from James Madison High School in Vienna, VA, officially participating in the FIRST® Robotics Competition as Team 620. Every year, students work together to design and build a new robot from the ground up for an annual challenge. Our members develop important STEM and teamwork skills, working to become the industry leaders of the future.

What is the FIRST® Robotics Competition?

FRC, or the FIRST® Robotics Competition, is an international high school robotics competition hosted by FIRST®. As a non profit organization dedicated to STEM education, FIRST® empowers millions of students annually to become leaders of science and technology. With over 3,000 teams worldwide and a vibrant, thriving online community, FRC is creating a world where STEM is celebrated by young people everywhere.

For FRC teams, every calendar year is divided into three parts:

From August to January: FRC teams are in pre-season, where we recruit new members, complete important projects, and prepare for the upcoming build season.

From January to April: FRC teams are in build-season, where they build their robot over the course of six to eight weeks, and then attend competitions in local circuits called Districts. The best teams go on to compete in the FRC world championship.

From April to August: FRC teams are in post-season, where they wind down from the intensity of build season and start to work towards their goals for the future.

Powered by Gracious Professionalism

Gracious professionalism is the shared moral value FIRST® is centered around. It emphasizes collaboration, respect, and cooperation both between robotics teams and in the general FRC community. As a result of gracious professionalism, FRC teams work together to share ideas, practice spaces, transportation, labor, and more.

Gracious professionalism has always been our philosophy and our most important core value. By practicing it we create a culture of inclusion and teamwork, helping our students to grow both as engineers and as human beings.