Madison Robotics


We are a varsity-level robotics team from
James Madison High School in Vienna, VA


We participate in the global FIRSTĀ® Robotics Competition program as Team 620: Warbots


Students work with the help of industry mentors to design and build a new robot from the ground up


Team members learn important technical skills, including engineering, electronics, and programming

2024 Game: CRESCENDO

In the FIRSTĀ® Robotics Competition challenge for 2024 called CRESCENDO, robots score orange rings into the low and high goals. After the initial 15-second autonomous period, human players drive the robot around the field during a 2:30 minute match. In the last 30 seconds, teams can climb onto the chain with their alliance partners.

2024 Robot: Harley Quinn

For the 2024 season, our robot Harley Quinn used a wheel-based intake and shooter mechanism to launch rings. In addition, it used two telescoping arms to pull itself onto the chain. This was our first-ever robot using swerve drive, a type of driving system that allows the robot to move in any direction without needing to turn.

2024 Accomplishments

4th Alliance Captain – Chesapeake District Championship
4th Alliance Captain – Falls Church, VA Event
8th Alliance Captain – Ashland, VA Event
Excellence in Engineering Award – Ashland, VA Event