Our Team

Mechanical Group

- Work on robot chassis and mechansim 

- "Skeleton" of the robot

- 3D model robot in Autodesk Inventor 

- Develop and prototype new design ideas 

- Manufacture and assemble robot 

- Maintain robots during competition season 



Electronics Group

- Electrical and pnumatic systems 

- "Nervous system" of the robot 

- Majority hands-on work 

- Close collaboration with mechanical and drive groups 



Software Group

- Develop code 

- "Brain" of the robot 

- Write in Java 

- Faciliate driver control of the robot 

- Enable robot to operate autonomously 



Drive Team

- Operate robot in competition 

- Drive robot as a group -- it's complicated! 

- Work with other teams' drivers 

- Study game rules and game strategy 



Administrative Group

- Organize official team communications 

- Draft emails 

- Manage paperwork 

- Order spirit wear 



Scouting Group

- Collect information on other teams' robots 

- Analyze other teams' performance 

- Help select strategy and alliances at competion 



Treasury Group

- Track team finances and budget 

- Process donations 

- Create the Bill of Material 



Safety Group

- Enforce saftey regulations 

- Provide instruction on safe operation of tools and equipment 

- Prepare team safety manual